Few words on ChalkLit from Akshara Foundation, MSF’s new partner

November 17, 2018

We have started to bring other organizations to host their content & trainings on our platforms. In this regard, we would like to share what our point of contact at Akshara Foundation who has single-handedly managed content uploading in Odia language and will be managing the training process and the state-led channel on ChalkLit Wall, […]

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Addressing Learning Outcomes Through Progressively Improving Teacher Quality

September 10, 2018

Baby Steps Are Better Than Nothing at all Srishti Arora Teacher quality has emerged as one of the most important determinants of student performance in the classroom and beyond. Continuous professional development of teachers, therefore, becomes imperative for keeping the teachers regularly updated with latest pedagogical tools, create learning opportunities with peers and be motivated […]

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Zamir Arif, a Social Science Teacher explains how to be great Social Science Teacher

September 7, 2018

I believe that being a Social Science Teacher is not an easy task as believed by many. Being a Social Science Teacher is like having great responsibility for creating a sensible Citizen of the country and the world for future. My experience says that if we follow certain practices, it will help us to be […]

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A Teacher’s Letter To ChalkLit

June 11, 2018

ChalkLit often hosts discussions on trending academic topics on its platform for teachers. We ran one such series on holiday homework one week before the start of summer holidays of 2018. The series started with a poll on teachers’ opinions about holiday homework, continued with teachers’ discussions over frequency and nature of allotted homework, and […]

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A Million Moments: Mentors’ Day At Million Sparks Foundation

March 7, 2018

By Rituparna   “What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them”. These words spoken by Steve Jobs never seemed truer than it did on the 16th of June at Million Sparks Foundation’s office. It was […]

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