“ChalkLit making our teachers more creative and resourceful”, says a school leader

Recently we have crossed 100,000 teachers on ChalkLit platform who are now connected through the nationwide teacher community on ChalkLit. We have asked a few of the teachers what impact ChalkLit has created for them. Please read what Rakesh Semalty of Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya School of Delhi has to say:

ChalkLit has everything good but I like its online delivery, effective videos and balanced write-ups which are not only convincing and authentic but also interesting to view, read and analyze. The content is contemporary, well updated, relevant and analytical. One can easily go through these at his/her ease and pace and get sure before making up his/her mind for responding post lesson test. These videos and write-ups are based on key concepts, real-life situations and one can easily relate these to situations and circumstances prevailing in school, society and community. The content is presented in easy to understand lucid language and covers all minute details which leave no doubts after the lesson is over. While going through these videos I found that the clarity of sound and language is of high standards and effective. I didn’t find anything redundant, superfluous and trivial in the content and all chapters make a complete package on vital issues, subjects, and topics. The content has been planned according to the time slot fixed for pre-test, post-test, and lessons. The visual, verbal and audio inputs make training complete without visiting training centers. Time is gold for everyone and ChalkLit takes care of it. We can undertake training while in school, outside, on leave or holidaying somewhere else. One need not disturb his/her regular schedule for doing these training which covers all vital and complex topics of education, skill, and education.

It is a fact that the teacher is appointed after he/she has undertaken rigorous training and practice teaching. But teaching is such a live and dynamic profession which needs regular orientation,updating and the right exposure. These days teacher’s role has increased multi folds due to added assignments and responsibilities apart from classroom teaching. It becomes challenging to maintain a balance between home and office. Through ChalkLit a teacher can undertake multiple training without making any payment and spending extra time in commuting and attending training sessions. On the basis of inputs from ChalkLit training, a teacher can plan and execute his/ her lesson in effective and rewarding ways. There are no bureaucratic interventions and one can go completing one course after another according to one’s need, convenience, and preferability. A teacher can also attempt self-assessment and professional development on the basis of intake from ChalkLit online training. These app-based training also provide a platform for interpersonal discussions and analysis as after completion of training teachers discuss various aspects of the content and reach consensus. This wonderful app also opens vistas of opportunities for teachers who are interested in doing class projects and case studies. I personally observed that our teachers have become more creative and resourceful after undertaking online training offered by ChalkLit”. 


Rakesh Semalty

RPVV Nand Nagri Delhi

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