A Delhi Teacher shares how the mentor role impacted her!

The Delhi Government under the initiative of the Education Minister, Manish Sisodia launched a program in March 2016, which is called as a Mentor Teacher Programme. The program was aimed to leverage the creative expertise of a group of 200 teachers, to enhance the pedagogic and academic capacities of the 45000+ teachers who work in Delhi Government schools. Each Mentor Teacher has been assigned 5-6 schools, which he/she visits at least once each week, to assist and support teachers of that school, by providing learning and assessment material, pedagogic assistance, among other things.
This innovative program has have helped the school system in Delhi immensely and it also impacted the Mentor Teachers professionally and personally.  Dr. Madhvi Agrawal, an active Teacher with the ChalkLit Community has shared her experience to ChalkLit team on how being a mentor has impacted her both professionally and personally.
“I am always a meticulous planner, hard-working and responsible person who is committed to life-long learning. My thirst for challenges makes me believe that nothing is impossible. Mentorship has worked for me as a catalyst in my own qualities. It has given me a platform where I have reason to get stuck in with my goals and tasks. I have become more confident, more resourceful, more positive, more self-aware, purposeful learning, sense of ownership, feel empowered also. I feel a transformed person within me and a better teacher. During this mentorship, I come across so many new strategies and pedagogies of teaching and learning through sharing, teamwork, peer group learning, online training, and off-line workshops, webinars and while preparing myself as a facilitator. Now there is a constant need to update my knowledge on a regular basis, to be a hands-on help in my all mentee schools. Facilitation in ZONAL/TGT/EDMC work-shops taught me a lot, like Teamwork, patience, need to be a good orator, more focussed, more punctual, urge to inspire as well as motivate others, interpersonal skills, being tactful, clarity of ideas and content to be delivered and much more. 
I owe my gratitude to my DoE and my mentors. I also want to give special thank to ChalkLit team for providing so many activities based training, in my own comfort zone, on various topics of my subject Mathematics, which has enriched me with a deep understanding of content. Now we feel more resourceful in classrooms and in workshops too. I am looking forward to more learning in the coming future.”
Dr. Madhvi Agarwal has done BSc Math, MSc Maths, B.Ed, M.Ed, and Ph.D. in education. 

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