A Teacher’s Letter To ChalkLit

ChalkLit often hosts discussions on trending academic topics on its platform for teachers. We ran one such series on holiday homework one week before the start of summer holidays of 2018. The series started with a poll on teachers’ opinions about holiday homework, continued with teachers’ discussions over frequency and nature of allotted homework, and ended with a bang with teachers crowdsourcing innovative holiday homework ideas. In the aftermath of this series, Ms. Jagriti Singh, TGT English from School of Excellence, Dwarka, wrote to us. Given below is the text of her full letter.

“The day I participated in the poll created by ChalkLit referring to the holiday homework that we assign year after year to our students in the name of revision or keeping them in touch with their studies without a break in vacation, I felt intimidated. Yes, it is important for us, but is it the same for students?

This gave me an important vision to work upon- students of my class would be autonomous learners, that is, they would plan for their own learning. This would, in turn, make them responsible and independent learners. This vision found its first implementation in the holiday homework.

I announced to my students that they need to write down on a slip of paper about the homework they want in holidays and this was an anonymous writing task. To my surprise, the typical revisions of work done till now, daily paragraph writing, reading a book and writing summaries of chapters, formed a major chunk of suggestions, and I was expecting something different.

But I was not left wanting by my lovely students, there were some out of the box suggestions too. Like shoot a documentary on a historical monument, create a newspaper with your favourite news, interview your family members, write a biography of your favourite person. I really liked the ideas! Also, there were some suggestions like no homework, watch movies, no charts, no projects and so on.

This random activity made me exercise my mind for being creative and collaborative at the same time with my students and come to a mutually agreeable homework assignment. I thank ChalkLit for making me think differently one more time!”

Jagriti Singh, TGT English

School Of Excellence, Dwarka

This letter underlines the importance of discussion over relevant topics in the teacher community. Discussions tend to induce the participants to think more deeply about relevant topics. Varied perspectives of their counterparts often prompt them to think differently. ChalkLit hopes to stimulate many more of such discussions and constantly foster innovative and creative thinking among teachers to meet the requirements of 21st-century learners.

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