A Million Moments: Mentors’ Day At Million Sparks Foundation

By Rituparna


“What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them”. These words spoken by Steve Jobs never seemed truer than it did on the 16th of June at Million Sparks Foundation’s office. It was a time when the organization’s vision was lit up with enthusiasm and gusto matched to the passion displayed by everyone present! The occasion was that of a celebration of ‘Mentors’ Day’, dedicated to acknowledging the invaluable contribution of our mentor-teachers.

The day began with welcoming our mentor-teachers and leading them to the welcome wall, where they had to pen- down their thoughts on what inspired them to teach and their opinion on the current challenges in the teaching-learning process. This was followed by an amazing round of getting to know each other better or ‘Jaan – pehchaan’. This not just bred familiarity amongst ourselves but gave us a sense of deeper perspective into the fascinating experiences of each other’s professional pathways.

‘Chalklit’ tales was on the agenda next, when the application, its scope and ways to use it, were discussed in detail. While doing so, we were taken down memory lane to the time when Chalklit was born. Even then we had mentors who helped us lay the foundation of what today forms an effective tool for teachers to deliver excellent lessons in their classrooms. Mentor-teachers went on to share how Chalklit equipped them technologically, which they urged others to use as well. Yet, they said that it was the content of the application that sets it apart from everything else. Ranging from understanding difficult concepts in Mathematics, clearing misconceptions in the same through training to building language skills in English, all were made available with the click of a button on our mobiles. What could be a more enriching and convenient way of upgrading one’s knowledge and skills, was pointed out by the mentors. They also discussed various challenges that either they had faced in the classrooms or other teachers did, along with some of the other factors which restricted teachers from delivering great lessons in their classes, like too much pressure of completion of syllabus. Here again, some mentors were quick to add how Chalklit had would be significant for teachers, as it would provide them with quality in-class resources, ready to be implemented in a timely manner.

Then came the crucial part of explaining and agreeing upon the role that our mentor-teachers played in the success and effective utilization of the application. Whilst Chalklit is dedicated to providing the last mile support for our teachers; it’s our mentor-teachers who provide us with the resources for the same. And this day was just about acknowledging this and together drawing a roadmap for the journey ahead, towards ensuring that every classroom has a great teacher in this country.

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