वर्तमान में शिक्षकों के सकारात्मक समुदाय की आवश्यकता क्यों है?

May 22, 2019

किसी भी देश की उन्नति का आधार वहां के शिक्षक हैं जो अपने ज्ञान के प्रकाश से किसी भी समुदाय को अंधकार से निकाल सकते हैं| ऐसे ही राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक कन्या विद्यालय नं १ नजफगढ़(दिल्ली) की शिक्षिका अनीता पंडिता हमें शिक्षकों के महत्व और उनकी उपयोगिता के बारे में बता रही हैं| शीर्षक को […]

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“ChalkLit making our teachers more creative and resourceful”, says a school leader

May 16, 2019

Recently we have crossed 100,000 teachers on ChalkLit platform who are now connected through the nationwide teacher community on ChalkLit. We have asked a few of the teachers what impact ChalkLit has created for them. Please read what Rakesh Semalty of Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya School of Delhi has to say: ” ChalkLit has everything […]

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A Delhi Teacher shares how the mentor role impacted her!

February 18, 2019

The Delhi Government under the initiative of the Education Minister, Manish Sisodia launched a program in March 2016, which is called as a Mentor Teacher Programme. The program was aimed to leverage the creative expertise of a group of 200 teachers, to enhance the pedagogic and academic capacities of the 45000+ teachers who work in […]

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Dr. Shrawan Kumar Gupta wins ChalkLit Teacher of the Year Awards

February 7, 2019

Delhi, 7th February 2019: The first edition of ChalkLit’s first Teacher of the Year Awards saw Dr. Shravan Kumar Gupta, a school teacher with Upper Primary School, Dehali Vinayak Sewapuri, Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh emerge as the winner, with three others teachers Gopal Sahu, Manoj Kumar Lakra, Archana Arora winning the runner up, Jury Choice, […]

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What all Teachers should know for a better class tomorrow

January 2, 2019

Since long, teachers in schools have only unilaterally taught students. A single approach to teaching around a hundred students who have different learning abilities and styles. When the students are so different, how can a single method work for each of them? Exactly! A unique approach that caters to the minds of such diverse of […]

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Akansha Saxena, a primary school teacher from UP wins scholarship to attend the 54th IATEFL conference in United Kingdom

December 27, 2018

A ChalkLiteer, Akansha Saxena, who is an assistant teacher at Agahpur Primary School in Bisrakh Block, Gautambudh Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh has won a scholarship to attend the Conference of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL 2019)  in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The IATEFL conference which will take place from […]

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A ChalkLiteer, Arti Qanungo shortlisted for $1 Million Global Teacher Prize for her innovation approach in school

December 19, 2018

Arti Qanungo, shortlisted among the top 50 teachers globally for the annual USD 1-million Global Teacher Prize, UK-based Varkey Foundation announced in London recently. Arti has been an active member of our community, contributing to various discussions, sharing teaching learning materials with other teachers on the platform and also was one of the winners of […]

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Few words on ChalkLit from Akshara Foundation, MSF’s new partner

November 17, 2018

We have started to bring other organizations to host their content & trainings on our platforms. In this regard, we would like to share what our point of contact at Akshara Foundation who has single-handedly managed content uploading in Odia language and will be managing the training process and the state-led channel on ChalkLit Wall, […]

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Addressing Learning Outcomes Through Progressively Improving Teacher Quality

September 10, 2018

Baby Steps Are Better Than Nothing at all Srishti Arora Teacher quality has emerged as one of the most important determinants of student performance in the classroom and beyond. Continuous professional development of teachers, therefore, becomes imperative for keeping the teachers regularly updated with latest pedagogical tools, create learning opportunities with peers and be motivated […]

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Zamir Arif, a Social Science Teacher explains how to be great Social Science Teacher

September 7, 2018

I believe that being a Social Science Teacher is not an easy task as believed by many. Being a Social Science Teacher is like having great responsibility for creating a sensible Citizen of the country and the world for future. My experience says that if we follow certain practices, it will help us to be […]

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